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Anxietin Review

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Anxietin is an OTC homeopathic water-based remedy to help promote anxiety relief and overall health. Each supply of Anxietin includes a free dropper to administer the product for maximum absorption. Some of the primary ingredients in Anxietin are Staphysagria, Phosphorus, Alfalfa, Passiflora Incarnata, and Argentum Nitricum, along with many other homeopathic ingredients. As a homeopathic remedy, it is available without prescription on their website.


  1. This product is fantastic! I was dealing with some serious anxiety problems after my divorce and this really helped me get through a tough time. Thank you Anxietin!

  2. I’ve always wondered about homeopathic remedies, so I gave Anxietin a shot. I’m a big believer in not taking prescription medication. I think it’s just harmful. But this really didn’t make much of a difference.

  3. A friend suggested this and rescue remedy to me. I made a lot of changes at the same time to my diet and exercise program, and I think that counts for a lot but this seems to help too.

  4. I’ve taken Anxietin for a while now and have been very satisfied with it. What I mainly notice in terms of its effect, is that I am socially more at ease. This is important for me, as I am otherwise uncomfortable when around people that I don’t know well.

    I would not say that it is generally a major anxiety ”stopper”, although am surely satisfied enough with it to take one on a daily basis.

  5. This product helped me. I would suggest it to anyone struggling with anxiety issues. It took about 30 days for me to feel the real effects, but I do think it helps.

  6. I took Anxietin for panic attacks due to speech anxiety. I found that it didn’t really do much. I took it everyday for a few days before my presentation, and it makes you feel a little bit sleepy and dazed. But when it came time for my presentation, I didn’t feel any calming effects. So I think it might help with general anxiety, but with specific phobias, I don’t think it really does much. Every person is different though.

  7. I ordered Anxietin after seeing a few ads for it on social anxiety forums. I was not impressed. It was basically water, and I felt no effects at all.

  8. This product is advertised as a calming agent. I followed the directions and took the product for several days. There was absolutely no help whatsoever. Maybe it works for some people but you should be wary of such positive advertising claims. This kind of thing does not work for everyone.

  9. I ordered some for anxiety and tenseness,and found it worked within about 20 minutes. Make sure you have a full stomach otherwise it will leave you with a head ache and feeling dizzy. Also if its your first time taking it I would only take one when needed. Of course everyones body is different,this is just what it did for me.

  10. I am sure this product’s effects will vary from person to person, however, for the price of this, it just don’t do enough. I was disapointed and thought these would be good after reading reviews on them. The price is too high for this product. I’m looking for something cheaper that works longer.

  11. This product had absolutely no effect on myself or other family members. I feel it is a waste of money.

  12. bad product

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